Sheltowee LLC has invested in Business in a Box as a platform to develop systems that help individuals start and grow businesses.  Business in a Box provides information, resources and workshops to help people start their business.  Whether you are interested in learning how to setup an LLC, or need to raise your first round of venture capital, Business in a Box can help.  Business in a Box charges a membership fee, plus a small monthly subscription fee that anyone can afford.  Business in a Box has been developed by experienced entrepreneurs to share information and experience that will help save entrepreneurs thousands of dollars.  Click here to learn more.

Sheltowee is supporting the Kentucky Entrepreneur Network (KEN) and its efforts for improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kentucky.  KEN is conducting the Kentucky Entrepreneur Climate Study to determine how Kentucky entrepreneurs and small business owners view Kentucky's state funded programs that support entrepreneurs.  KEN will work to connect entrepreneurs from across the commonwealth and will strive to become a unified voice for Kentucky entrepreneurs.  Click here to learn more.